I currently am teaching in Amsterdam and came home for the holidays. My bottom teeth were chipped and not only looked bad but felt bad too. Dr. Anderson was able to fit me in and my teeth look and feel great. Dr. Anderson is the best!
Steve Marr, Amsterdam

After my exam with Dr. Anderson, I told him how I was initially afraid to go to the dentist. Dr. Anderson put me at ease . My niece is afraid of the dentist and she should come here. Dr. Anderson will put her at ease. 
Marisa Bassille, Dearborn

Dr. Anderson did a great job on my root canal. I've had other root canals that hurt a lot. This one was easy, Dr. Anderson was Great.
Thanks Doc! 
Fran Ford, St. Johns

I broke my teeth so many times they couldn't be fixed. Dr. Anderson replaced my missing teeth with implants and I just love them. They feel just like my real teeth. Thanks for all your help.
Luther Anderson, Rochester

There's nothing quite like a beautiful smile.