Dr. Anderson is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, where he received first-rate training in all aspects of general dentistry. Peter decided to stay near his family and opened his practice in Birmingham, Michigan.
Through a combination of state of the art technology, sensible treatment plans and genuine devotion to the unique needs of each patient Dr. Anderson preserves healthy teeth and gums, alleviates oral discomfort and improves the appearance of smiles on a daily basis. He has applied his unique blend of artistic and technical skill to produce durable and aesthetic results in thousands of patients. An experienced dentist with a grasp of the most innovative, minimally invasive new procedures, Dr. Anderson is dedicated to lifelong learning through continuing education courses.
Dr. Anderson has been a member of the community for many years and is dedicated to ensuring the health of his neighbors and community at large. 

There's nothing quite like a beautiful smile.